Healing From Depression
Helping Yourself or a Family Member


 Do You or a Family Member Experience these Symptoms:

  • Are you frequently tired or sad?
  • Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed by life?
  • Is your eating or sleeping irregular?
  • Do worries or fears interfere with your happiness?
  • Are you concerned that you're "too sensitve"?
  • Do  you frequently feel guilty or blame yourself?

You can get unstuck and overcome depression. There's no reason to keep suffering.

As Your Therapist, I Will:

  • Use effective techniques to help you shift your negative feelings.
  • Help you set goals and achieve them.
  • Assist you in creating a positive vision for your life.
  • Help you feel more confident.

It's possible to feel better and more productive. You can also find ways to support your loved ones who are depressed or anxious, as family members are often the first to recognize the symptoms. 

For further information, read my article "Healing Depression."


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